Mobility Coach

Are you a personal trainer or physical therapist? Are you interested in learning how to integrate mobility training? You are in the right place.

We were invited to present for the Coaches in Quarantine Virtual Conference. We have to thank Sean Light for the invite! 

This free webinar is a great intro to integrating mobility and strength training and Ian discusses the topics of biotensegrity, isometrics, programming, strength integration, posture and athletic considerations. 


Here’s a short preview where Ian talks about the benefits of mobility training. When we train mobility correctly, we increase our range of motion and therefore allow us to get stronger. To be honest though, we just want to be like Betty Sue when we grow up.


To check out the free webinar Integrating Mobility to Unlock Strength, click here.

The webinar is a great intro to our Mobility Coach Plus course made for personal trainers and physical therapists to learn how to integrate mobility training. 

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